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Pet Peeves

Today, as I was navigating my cart through all of the soccer moms and out of control children at Target (back to school shopping is clearly too difficult to handle). In the midst of it all, I realized that one of my biggest pet peeves is parents who take no control over their children in crowded places (and let them push their full cart around, ramming into the back of my legs. NO, I am not your mother, stop thinking that I am. I’m sure your mother would not appreciate you ramming her with the cart either…). So here is the list of my top 3 Pet Peeves.

1. Jeans/other pants that are almost long enough for your legs, but just don’t make the cut. Look, I’m sorry if your legs are super long and you have trouble getting pants that are long enough to cover your entire leg. There ARE stores (surprise!) that sell pants in Long, and Extra Long. Check it out, I’m sure you can find a few.

I could not find any acceptable pictures of jeans that are too short, BUT, this depicts my peeve perfectly. BUY SOME NEW PANTS!

2. Hair that isn’t perfectly straight. Those of you who know me know that I take pride in making sure that when straightened, my hair has no bumps or imperfections. I realize that straightening the back of your hair is difficult sometimes, but if I can find a method to get every last strand, I’m sure you all can too. Have a friend do it if you have to, but flat iron bumps on the back of your head REALLY bother me. I feel the need to take a flat iron and fix them myself (but obviously that is not a rational solution). Next time you do your hair, do me a favor and use a mirror in the back so you can look perfect too 🙂

I find it completely baffling that someone could walk out of the house like this and not feel the need to fix the bumps on the back of her head!!

3. Being Late. I was always raised to be on-time, or early for appointments, events, parties, work, etc. Maybe being OCD about organization, and planning has something to do with it now, but I have been taught that it is completely unacceptable to keep other people waiting because I was stupid and did not leave enough time to get where I needed to go. Now, we all have our slip ups once in a while, and thats completely okay, BUT, for those of you who are consistently late (or don’t show up at all), you are one of my biggest pet peeves!


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One of my favorite parts about this time of year is cleaning everything out and re-organizing for the new school year. Yes, I’m a nerd and love nothing more than to color-code my closet, switch out my summer sandals for flats and boots, and go through all of my clothes to weed out things that have not been worn in entirely too long. That being said, today was the day that my fall organization began. I cleaned out my closets and have probably cut my wardrobe in half. Some good clothes will be sold on e-bay, and the rest will be trashed or given to Goodwill. I went through everything in my bathroom and threw out all my old makeup and hair products that I probably never should have bought in the first place. My mom and I also (and FINALLY after 16 years of living in my house) sorted all of our sheets/pillowcases/duvets/shams etc and have gotten our collection down to a third of what it was. Going to bed tonight feeling much more prepared to begin this new chapter in my life.

Out with the old, in with the new has seemed to be my motto this whole summer, so here it goes!


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