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I need a beach vacay, pronto!

I tried to study today. I’ve gotten through 8 pages of the 452 page book that needs to be done by December. Each page has AT LEAST 20 terms that I have no idea how to even begin going about pronouncing. I need to get my ass in gear and get it done.

I also took a week off from the gym (counting stripping wallpaper, painting, sanding, etc. as my workouts for last week) and now I’m way off my schedule, and I don’t like it!

What I really need, is to get away. Hilton Head cannot come soon enough. I feel like I have been evaluating my life alot recently, and I think I need to just sit and “be” for a week to get everything in order. I have so many things that I want to get done, or need to get done, and I’m so overwhelmed that I just don’t know where to start. Once I can get everything organized, I’m sure my mind wont be running all over, and I’ll actually be able to start getting things done!

As for today, I really didn’t get much done (other than buying a shower curtain, some shelves, a towel rack and going to the gym…). I had high aspirations to study outside (now that the heat wave has finally broken), clean my room, and finally hang pictures on the wall. None of them got done. None. Whomp.

Now, I’m going to go keep wasting my life away watching trashy television before I can finally go to bed! Goodnight!



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Day in, day out, its the same old story

As I have come to learn this summer, being unemployed can have its perks (napping all day, Law and Order: SVU marathons whenever I feel like it, staying out all night.. oh wait, I have no friends here), but it has become more of a bore than I had hoped. No job means no paycheck to play with, and since I have no car, I really have no way of getting around (and for those of you who have been to my house, you know that anything remotely interesting is at least a 20 minute drive.. except for the “balanced rock,” but that is a separate story). ┬áThis is the first summer since I was 13 that I have not had a job of some sort, and this boredom is starting to take a toll on my sanity.

My mother had to drive me to my internship on Monday. Memories of Middle School came flooding back, being dropped off at dance practice and having to stumble out of the dark green minivan (also fondly called “Shrek” in our family). The only difference between those memories and this past Monday was that I had no choice in Middle School, and I am 22 years old now. How embarrassing.

Speaking of the internship, one item on my checklist was to keep record of every visit. This might just be the place to do it. As many of you know, I’m (hoping to) start Graduate school in the fall of 2011 for Occupational Therapy. But, one of the requirements for a number of the schools I’m applying to is a minimum of 60 non-paid observation hours/non-paid internship. I’m “observing” at a rehabilitation hospital for the next 10 weeks, going through all of the different OT units and seeing what my areas of interest are. I started on Monday (hopping out of that green van) and after only a few hours have fallen head over heels in LOVE with everything OT. I worked with three patients and one group session throughout my time there, and it boggles my mind how specialized and unique each of the cases are. One woman I worked with had just had a knee replacement. Caitlin (the OT) and I helped her to walk through the halls to the mock apartment that is set up in the hospital (complete with 3 different types of showers, kitchens, bedrooms, toilets, etc). We helped her learn how to get in and out of bed properly, and some tips and techniques for getting in and out of the shower safely. It was amazing to see how this elderly woman’s attitude changed from being pessimistic, feeling like she would never be able to get around her house, to feeling confident that with a little work, she would have the tools she needed to live on her own again, even with a bad knee. The second patient I worked with was a young woman (only 21) who had fallen 15+ feet when stairs collapsed and she landed on her neck. Needless to say, she had massive spine and brain trauma, and was having a much harder time recovering. Nancy (the OT) and I worked with her on a scavenger hunt on the computer. It was helping her to remember how to do things again, that she once excelled at. I could hardly believe that someone so young is having to work so hard to do things that I take advantage of everyday, even as simple as typing this post. The last patient I worked with was a middle aged man who fell off of his roof trying to fix his air conditioner. He landed on his back (which, needless to say is broken), and broke his femur (pretty tough to do). Even though he is expected to make a full recovery, he is going to be wheelchair bound for at least two months. That would suck. But let me tell you, this guy was so happy, and so eager to learn how to get around his house and get in and out of the shower and on and off of the toilet on his own that it blew my mind. I have never seen someone like that before. It was absolutely inspiring.┬áThese people are the ones who make me so excited to begin the next chapter in my life, and move on to a job that I know will be rewarding far into the future!

So, after this entry, I guess I’ve already kept up with 2 of my goals for the blog — posting everyday (even though this is only day 2) and keeping a record of my internship. Tomorrow starts a busy weekend, but I’ll be sure to make time to post (even though I’m not sure anyone reads this anyway)!


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Another beginning…

This is the first blog that I have had, so I’m still trying to figure out what works, and what doesn’t. I should start off by saying that I graduated from Virginia Tech in May, with a job. This job quickly ended before it actually began as a result of some cattiness within the organization that the job was associated with. I quickly re-structured my life and am now taking courses, working on an internship, and studying for the GRE’s in order to get into Graduate School (hopefully). As I said before, I graduated from Virginia Tech, but, I live in New York and the majority of my friends live a minimum of 6 hours away. My car was totaled by a dump truck in NYC last month, so essentially I am stranded, broke, and dying for something to keep myself occupied until classes start in September.

I guess this blog is a result of summertime boredom,┬áloneliness, and a need to have something to keep me on track with all that needs to be accomplished this summer. A small list of things that need to be done before September 1st (which I’m sure will be added to on a weekly basis):

Complete Medical Terminology class (ugh!)
Finish 5k training in order to start 10k training
Complete OT internship, and keep record of every visit
Study at least 5 hours per week for GRE
Paint my bathroom (and re-do the floors)
Post on this blog everyday

Let’s see how this goes!

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