Rainy Days

Throughout my four years in Blacksburg, I thought I had accumulated enough clothing and accessories to help me deal with unexpected rainstorms, and weeks where I have seriously considered gathering two of every animal. Apparently, I am more unprepared than I thought. After waking up at 6am for my 8am class yesterday, I noticed the monsoon like weather outside and realized that I should get an early start to get to class. The drive normally takes me about 30-40 minutes, depending on traffic, but the weather was so bad that I decided to leave at 645, just to make sure (I HATE HATE HATE being late, especially for class!). My 30-40 minute commute turned into a 90 minute drive through hell and back. 6 car accidents, a ridiculous number of back roads, and wet leaves everywhere left me 15 minutes late for class.

I grabbed my umbrella, threw on my rubber flip flops (that I can’t drive in), and sprinted (as fast as I could in rubber flip flops that didn’t seem to want to stay on my feet) to class. Well, the umbrella broke within 5 steps of my car leaving my body (and backpack) unprotected from the torrential downpour. My rain jacket was really not as waterproof as I thought it was, and everything about my life was DRENCHED by the time I got to my classroom. Luckily, my teacher had faced the same traffic problems and had not arrived yet either (thank goodness).

The whole morning made me realize that I really need to invest in a decent pair of rain shoes (not boots, my calves are entirely too big for them), a wind-proff umbrella, and a warmer, more waterproof rain jacket. Here’s my current wishlist;

This rain jacket will probably hold up better than my cheap, lined one from freshman year with my letters on it. It is definitely going to be one of the first things on my Christmas wish list this year! I just can’t decide whether I want it in Black, or Radiant Orange!

Sperry has never done me wrong with shoes of any kind, so I just know these will be wonderful. They’re not as weird looking as the “duck shoes” that I see all of the soccer moms around here wearing, and they even have a cute, preppy detail with the plaid lining at the top! I should probably invest in a pair of these BEFORE the rest of the rain, and eventually, snow, hits us this season!

Even though this probably (definitely) isn’t “windproof,” I’m obsessed. I’m going to pick one up at work this afternoon. I just love the idea of a Lilly Pulitzer umbrella 🙂

Hope everyone is having a wonderful (dry) week!


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