Long Days.

I don’t think I realized how much I took on this semester between classes, working 20 hours a week, applying to Graduate School, and doing fieldwork for all of my pre-reqs. Anyways, the past week was spent running from class to work and studying. I woke up late last week with an awful cold that is still dragging me down.

The weather is finally starting to get crisp (well, it was for 2 days) and I’m hoping that I can wear some of the cute clothes that I just bought from Lilly! Now, I just hope that this cold goes away so I can wear my comfy new yoga pants to the gym 🙂

Shauna Tunic - The fabric was kind of weird, but all of the girls and I were joking about how gross the dress looked in person. I tried it on just for laughs, and it looks STUNNING on! It is the perfect dress to wear with fall quickly approaching! Now, I jut have to figure out the perfect shoes to wear with it...

These yoga pants have been such a hot item in our store! They are made of the under-armour material that I LOVE, and I can't wait for the cooler weather so that I can wear these during my outside runs!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week!

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