I need a beach vacay, pronto!

I tried to study today. I’ve gotten through 8 pages of the 452 page book that needs to be done by December. Each page has AT LEAST 20 terms that I have no idea how to even begin going about pronouncing. I need to get my ass in gear and get it done.

I also took a week off from the gym (counting stripping wallpaper, painting, sanding, etc. as my workouts for last week) and now I’m way off my schedule, and I don’t like it!

What I really need, is to get away. Hilton Head cannot come soon enough. I feel like I have been evaluating my life alot recently, and I think I need to just sit and “be” for a week to get everything in order. I have so many things that I want to get done, or need to get done, and I’m so overwhelmed that I just don’t know where to start. Once I can get everything organized, I’m sure my mind wont be running all over, and I’ll actually be able to start getting things done!

As for today, I really didn’t get much done (other than buying a shower curtain, some shelves, a towel rack and going to the gym…). I had high aspirations to study outside (now that the heat wave has finally broken), clean my room, and finally hang pictures on the wall. None of them got done. None. Whomp.

Now, I’m going to go keep wasting my life away watching trashy television before I can finally go to bed! Goodnight!



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