Back to normality

I spent over 6 hours in the car today. 3 hours driving to and from JFK to drop off a friend at the airport, and 3 more to drop my grandfather off at a different airport. I really don’t feel the need to be in the car anytime soon for an extended period of time.

Now that I’m finally back in my room, I have had some time to get my life together. Added 2 more grad schools to the application list (Boston University and Eastern Kentucky University) and have yet to complete even 1 hour of studying for the GREs. Luckily, Kristen is coming tomorrow for the night, so Sunday is looking like the perfect day to spend all day studying Medical Terminology and cracking open that GRE book.

Took a trip to Walmart (FINALLY), the closest one is almost an hour away, so it is a treat (if that could possibly be the right word) when we get to go. I have almost completed the re-decoration of my room, and need to pick up a few more black picture frames to hang on my walls. I’m hoping to have it all done by next weekend when two more friends are coming to spend the weekend!

This whole being back in my room thing is amazing, so I’m going to go watch Bethenny Getting Married? AGAIN and take in having my own space! Goodnight!



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