Aching legs

Today started out on a pretty good note. I got to the gym nice and early, just in time for the Real Housewives of New Jersey marathon, which always keeps me entertained. I got in my 5k workout, only 4 weeks to go before I can start the 10k workouts! Yay! On my way home, I finally got my ipod to work in Shrek, so I got to jam out the whole way back. Ballin’ in the minivan, couldn’t ask for more.


However, the second I walked in the door, I was greeted with a wallpaper steamer and a ladder and was told to get to work, which I did. My legs have not hurt this bad since I started going to the gym again, and I’m so ready for bed. It’s amazing how much of a workout climbing up and down a ladder for 6+ hours is, and how sore my arms are for holding up the steamer and using a spackle-knife to scrape off the paper can be. We still haven’t even finished one room, so it looks as though my schedule for the next few days is going to be pretty packed.

My cousin came up to “the country” today from NYC, and we made dinner and it was finally cool enough to enjoy dinner on the back deck. I have to say, that besides my bedroom, the deck is my favorite place at my house. The backyard is so quiet and relaxing, almost like a separate world. I love taking books outside, laying out, and I’m assuming that while the weather is nice in the late summer and early fall, it is going to be my number 1 place to study for my classes.

This day has been extremely long, but I wanted to make sure that I could get a post in before midnight 🙂 Trying to accomplish AT LEAST one goal before September! Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!




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